1.500,00 lei

50 ml – edp concentrée  
– good fortune & protection  –

Never underestimate the power of scent!
This perfume can protect you against the curse of the Evil Eye, bad luck, envy and negative energy.
Works like a charm.
Perfumer note :
“This mysterious spicy leather chypre experience begins with an unique top note of fresh crispy oriental spices with ginger, saffron and pepper.
The body combines beautiful floral notes of magnolia, jasmine and heliotrop.
The heart and soul of the scent comes from the deeply sensual and seductive background with a creamy accord of tonic and vanilla.
The leather , amber, musk, dawn al oud creates a dramatic and memorable theme what gives the scent a distinctive and long-lasting signature.”


From the ancient book of magic spells discovered 450 years ago in the Castle of Dracula, we present the most famous potions that conquered the world in the darkest times of history.
Once worn by beautiful queens, almighty kings and the greatest sorcerers of all time these fragrances are finally brought to life.
Created at the request of Count Dracula himself, each perfume carries an ancient spell what will unleash amazing abilities to the wearer.
Protect the precious bottle from daylight and do not let any stranger’s hand touch it.
The magic will disappear or be reversed.

After a long journey, filled with the ups and downs of a great adventure, we proudly announce the birth of a new star . Please take a look at one of the most beautiful launch events we ever made : THE NIGHT WE MEET 09.09.2022 location – TNB I.L.Caragiale, sala Amfiteatru “WALLACHIAN PERFUMES AND SPELLS OF MAGIC “ artistic perfumery concept by Createur 5 D’Emotions visual art & olfaction Art installation in collab with Les ateliers Nomad Partners: Les Ateliers Nomad Video Rentals Loft Creative Gang Studio Atelier Dual Special people in random order : Ana, Denise, Claudiu, Relu, Matei, Fritz, Vlad, Florin, Alexandru,Victor, Ion, Adriana, Marius, Florin, Mihai, Bogdan, Alex & Alexandru. A grand merci to all the people who attended the night with an open mind, heart & good vibes ! Until next time…


Ginger, saffron, pepper, strawberry


Magnolia, Iris,Jasmine,Rose,Ylang Ylang


Agarwood, Nagarmotha, Sandalwood, Cedarwood,Vetiver, Cistus, Labdanum, Frankincense, Amber, Benzoin, Leather, Tonka, Vanilla, Musk



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