Bestseller | Royale Deluxe

1.000,00 lei

50 ml – edp concentrée 

Note from perfumer:

All inclusive in the irresistible dark floral/oriental Royal Deluxe.
Mandarin and orange touch mingled with exotic fruits at the top.
Hints of Mediterranean herbs and rich spices accent.
Natural rose, jasmine and iris brings brilliancy to the scent.
The real character of this perfume comes from the body notes , a luxurious blend of precious sandalwood, mystical agar wood, rich amber and white musk.
Smoky leather and vanilla bring sensually depth to this incredible composition .
What is the most beautiful flower scent 
 that ever existed?
BESTSELLER  is your answer.
You are about to experience our unique flower interpretation 
 that  will make your heart skip a beat.
If you hate flowers, soon you won’t ! 
Besteller delivers Love.

Notes Peach,Plum,Blackburrant,Orange,Mandarin,Spices




Patchouly,Sandalwood,Agarwood,Vanilla.Musk,Amber, Leather, Sandalwood



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